A price for a potential Ewing

How much do you think a potential diamond Ewing would go for. If it’s a playoff throwback do you think it will be above 120k+ mt?

Depends on his mid range and 3 I think. I just can’t imagine him fetching much more than 175k after the newness factor wears off.

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Unless for some reason they give him like a 90 Open 3, i think he’ll be bin within a week or two. also depending on how late they drop him.

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PD Ewing has 84 3 Ball so I’m assuming his Diamond gonna get a 79-85 Range 3 Ball

I would sell Boogie for a new Ewing.

I know it’s probably not the most attractive thing, but with D Rob. on his way and me picking up TD earlier, Boogie and AD might need to get out. Amy Zinger is great for me, TD is elite and I’m happy from the 1-3 spots.

Ewing, baby, please come back.

I think I’m bout to sell amy Porzingis. Still having an amethyst bothers me. It’s stupid as fuck lol. This diamond Malone is just shitting on him.

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How is that Malone? I love AD but he seems to get killed when it comes to rebounds and stuff.

Honestly, the only reason I’ve been running DMC still is because seeing him and AD together is pleasing.

You’ve been talking a lot about Malone, and I’ll need someone to start/ back-up TD, so would you say he’s worth the 100ish-k he goes for?

Definitely worth 100k. You Won’t get anything better for that price.

I downgraded him to the ruby with a rebound and strenght shoe. I figured the amy plays exactly like the ruby, even with better stats and better badges. So I thought having 60K extra locked for a different card color and a few more badges wasn’t worth it at all.

I have one with the all white diamond shoes that upgrade open shot 3 and speed with ball among other things so I’m used to his card with 87 speed with ball and a 99 open shot 3. He’s probably the best card I’ve used this year but without the shoe I’m sure I wouldn’t be this high on him. The 94 speed that comes stock is so OP though. He just races down the court beating any other big man to the basket. I played him at the 3 before I bought diamond Melo last night and he did fine. I’m starting to splurge MT now because I don’t really care if I have it anymore and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

How do you know what PD Ewing’s 3 ball is? They haven’t released the stats

Am I the only one in this community who thinks that Ewing in 2K is trash? There will be 10+ other cards that would start at center over him on my team. Hakeem, KAT, Kareem, both Cousins, Diamond AD, Amethyst/PD Porzingis, whenever they drop a Diamond Wilt, and PD Robinson. Not to mention PD Shaq or even Diamond Shaq. Ewing always feels clunky and his animations are quite frankly Ass (in my opinion).


No, you are not. His release is so bad for me that there are many cards i prefer.

I had his Team USA diamond last year primarily because he was one of the first solid diamond centers you could get last year. Never loved the card but he was a good all-around center. His DD with Larry Johnson was awesome, though. Then I got the PD via locker code and he was again, a good all-around center but nowhere near as good as KAJ, Hakeem. This year the post game is pretty underpowered so I would say he will be less effective than last year, so I wouldn’t pay more than 125k for a 98 OVR Ewing with elite mid-range and post game.

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I know there will probably be quite a few better centers than Ewing but I only use players I like no matter if they’re crazy op or not. If diamond KD was 500 mt I still wouldn’t use him for example.

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I agree, on the “using players you like” thing. I really enjoy running my bench with TP, Manu and TD, even Kawhi sometimes.

I don’t see myself getting Zinger at all, so right now I’m building the team I want to use until the end/ when I decide to quit for good. All-Time Spurs will look great with DRob!

Agreed. Go for him. Same reason that I have PD Harden, 97 Lebron or TMac just lying in collection. Dont like them irl that much.

Ewings a beast. He bullys guys. Ive had a few 30-20 games with him outside MyTeam. Cant wait for his MyTeam card. His 3 ball gonna be nice cuz he’s probably the best shooter outta all these bigs so they’ll prob be generous.

He’s easily the worse center IRL when talking about Kareem, Hakeem, Wilt, David Robinson, Shaq, Bill Russell, and his card is going to be flat out worse than 95/97 Cousins, 93/99 Porzingis, and even the 97 Anthony Davis. The dude is a scrub. IDC about being 7’0" or being able to “bully”. Close shots and contested standing layups and post moves do not work this year. It’s a serious flaw in the game. He won’t be fast, and will not be able to handle the ball. He also won’t have the athleticism that Shaq and Wilt have to justify even starting him. He’ll definitely be a buy-it-now. Ewing cards blow.