A newbie's quest for Opal AD


Well, hello there fellow gamer.

A month and a half ago 2K20 went on sale in my country. I decided to buy it and dive right into MyCareer.

After getting bored of seein the same builds in the park and a non-rewarding exp and VC system, I dove into MyTeam.

The land look so much different from what I last recall to be my most recent memories amid basketball cards.

It was 2017 and Ruby Jason Terry went for over 200k… Now it was a completely different story.

After ripping a bundle and pulling opal Trae, I went onto playing Domination, Historic Dom, TTOff and some Spotlights… But it did not fill me… It is when I discovered TTO.

Getting coins and tokens at a high pace helped me reach Amy Kidd in no time.

Here it was when I realized something. I never got Diamond Iverson in 2K15. I never got Diamond MJ in 2K16. I never got PD Wilt in 2K17…


I gathered all jerseys, courts, playbooks, logos, balls… Everything I could and was within my budget.
Standing at 1945 cards at June 2nd 2020, I am determined to get AD.

My love for card collections and how rewarding I feel platinum trophies are… I am sure the grind will be worth it!

See you around everyday! I will be updating!


Welcome to the journey man. I’ve got some posts that I’ve created on my path; each one updated at each 100 card milestone. My most recent post, with this being the last 100, is a constant update one. If you’re interested in what cards you’ll more than likely need, I have my personal journey listed in them.

With that being said, 2500 should cruise by. After that, the cards start to add up in price and the final 200 are a complete grind! Cards are no longer cheap, except when they release a new promo pack.

Glad to see another person attempting this task! Best of luck.

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Thanks man! I’ve read it and it helped me on deciding wether or not should I do it. Tbh I believe that with promo packs every other week or even weekly, there is always 2-3 cards that are cheap to get.
I have 100+ free cards to get still so I am not too worried yet. Whenever I reach Pippen i guess thing will be harder.
I am buying all amys and stuff off the pack market to get balls and stuff, currently at 2 amys per 3 collections completed.
I would like to get the 100k for the 2000 cards tomorrow.

I did the quest last year for Giannis, it was worth it, but I will say this… it completely turned me off to that grind this year, good luck tho

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Thank you! Will take it into account!

Next year im defo going for a strong team since the start and forgetting about collector levels.
I have too much MT locked in but it will be for something not many memebers in the comunity do have!

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It will get cheaper and easier the further into the year we go. AD not worth the grind at this point, but if you are doing it for achievements, a personal goal and a love for collecting, then good luck to you.

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Thanks! I hope it gets cheaper as you say and not many ppl drop off the game in the summer, leaving some cards to be exinct…

It gets easier if you don’t mind grinding offline content. Domination, spotlights, spotlight sims, historic sims, will increase your card count dramatically.

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Kareem, Howard, Lin, PD Kobe and like 10 spotlights is all i have completed. Going for Arenas and BRoy next and then onto Hakeem.
Harden and Kobe will be last before Diamond Magic.
After that I will jump into AT Dom.
I should evo my emeralds too so I get Ruby Danny Green tho…

Consider dumping tokens into the lower tiered reward cards.

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Wow that’s dedication. I did all those but it was over a 9 month period.

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Emeralds - Ruby I have all.
Only Amys left are Guerin as Knicks are always my first challenges to complete, the two Bucks SG as I have plenty of them already and C Magic.
I have 10 Diamonds and 8 PD already too…
Melo is up next when I get these amys

I liked BRoy a lot. I am a Knicks fan son Lin’s were mandatory. Kobe’s were an easy 100+ token grab. I liked Howard and Giannis too, so those were no trouble either.
Kidd was never of my liking, nor most of the guys in his set so it will be a bit of a struggle…
Same for Iggy, eventhough he was my first ever PD in 2k15, but still a crappy card at ruby…

Hey yo!

Just reached 2003 after a bunch of silvers appeared in the market at a ver very very very low price for current 2020 cards…

These 60 or so last cards were hella hard…
Currently sitting at 160k, what yall recommend?
I have 90% spotlights both hakeems and hardens undone and only 3 regular sportlights fully completed.

I need to do all time dom 0/33 and the last game for sam jones in regular dom.

Should i start my offline quest? Those are about 100+ cards

do it

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If you are committed to collector level, domination is a must. Given your late start and MT balance, I think all of the spotlight sims, historic sims, etc are going to be a must too. Once you get up within 100 cards or so of Wade, everything costs 10k or more, and that’s if you have all of the free cards from offline.

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I got the collector achievement on xbox about 3 or 4 weeks ago and when it popped up 0.1% of people have it

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I would play TT Online this weekend too given this new event if you are collecting. Lots of free cards on the boards to add to the collection.

Already got Bingo so thats 1 new

Good luck broski !!!

At first, I thought I liked Wade better but over time, I realized AD is just so damn beastly… he’s definitely end game for me (Laker homer also) but Wade as an additional prize??

“Don’t get no better than this…” -Gambit