A Miracle: I pulled a D Lebron from a TTO Finals Pack

Just sayin because i highly doubted that those high tier cards are actually in there…
As a NMS this is actually my first good Player pull ever i think. Played since NBA 2k17.


And gold giant slayer nice!


Ayyyy lfg bruh

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Yesterday I packed back to back jason Kidd and michael jordan from tto offline clutch packs
Quick 50k mt
Considered myself lucky until I saw this


Yeah that pack was really good to say the least.

Man that is quite lucky as well, i just got super super lucky and will probably pull nothing good again until NBA 2k25.


Hahaha the same goes for me I guess
I don’t expect anything else from 2k anymore :rofl:

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Nice I pulled Malone out one last weekend

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Haha. That’s how I feel now after getting Wall in limited.


Salute bro
You did the unthinkable
You pulled one of the rarest and most expensive cards in the game
Ronnie 2k has to be upset that someone got such a rare card from a free pack :joy:


Shambles bro haha. I just sold my squad and mt so it was hella clutch.

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Hella clutch


Pull him from the finals pack from tt online couple of days before they banned me :wink:

They banned you? That’s tuff. Why?

I was a naughty boy. :slight_smile: I started a new account going well so far. Learned my lesson - no more shady business :wink:

Congrats my guy


Did you keep or sell?

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Congrats bro!!! Amazing @ZenMaster

Undecided. He isnt that expensive atm, seemed like 350k or sth which isnt much on PC. G.Hill is 1m+, Magic and Ray are both 700k+ the last time i checked. Hell i even sold my Diamond Contract for 170k last week…

This is My Squad atm, he is a Top 2 player in my rotation, very fun to play with and meta friendly so i will keep him for a while. I dont think we will get another Lebron drop for a while so that shouldnt be a problem, besides on PC every somewhat rare card goes way up in value over time for some odd reason.


Nice. I got the deluxe playoff pack from level 31 and pulled a sweet emerald Perk that I quick sold

Thats waiting for me after the next 2000 XP. If i get blessed again i have to play the lottery this week…