A little story about my last 5k

So, I had 5k left and decided I would go for a throwback moments pack it was a decent decision.

Can anyone guess what happened?

Kobe lol

Or all silver/bronze

It may be the best pack I ever got

pd Kobe hahahah

Spit it out. Red Kyries?

Not red kyries but I did get kobe ad mid earlier today, it was diamond kobe with my last 5k I couldn’t believe it

2K Listening in on your thoughts. “Well I’m gonna quit for the year if I don’t pull something good with my last pack.”

Guys at 2K – “hey Phil, should we give this guy a Kobe so he keeps playing and probably spending?”


The devs must of been watching me

Congratulations! That Kobe is the best pullable card so far so not bad

I can’t believe it, my recent luck has been phenomenal not trying to make anyone jealous but I got dia MJ and kawhi recently too


My only issue is I already had kobe with red kyries not sure what I can do with him

Put him up and get some MT. Keep the new one. His price will go down but we’re not getting a better Kobe than this.

I might wait for the hype to settle down then sell the 97 hopefully can still get like 140k for him

I just got mine 2 days ago with Curry’s so I’m not happy lol but I can’t see him being less then 300k for awhile so he will stick with me for now.

I’ve had mind with red kyries for a while now and love him but I think I’ll just sell him