A little help. Thnx

HI all, my first post.

What changes you recommend or move players from the bench to the starting line up.
I got 200K mts to buy something grate, what’s your recomendation?

Thanks for your help!


Dump demar and slide Melo to the 2 spot. Pick up some one to play guard with Magic being the favorite but other cards being viable.

Thank you! Demar is a very good card for me. I feel so comfortable with he’s relase. But i try your advice. Thanks for your help

I’d sell all the people you aren’t using now since value on everything is steadily plummeting

Did you lock in your Melo and get PD Oscar?

Not now. Do you recommend me to do it? how good is oscar robertson?

He’s good but if you don’t post fade enough he probably isn’t worth it. That’s his main allure for me at least. He plays great defense and gets a lot of strips and doesn’t do too bad against the bigger guys but his post fade is killer.

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Imo this is a really good lineup you can make

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Sell Porzingis, DeMar, and Giannis

Buy GO Drob

Buy someone else with HOF dimer to play bench PG (ASG Magic, Penny, John Wall, PD Draymond, or lock for Oscar)

Starting lineup:
Jordan PG13 KD Cousins Drob

New HOF dimer point, Tmac, Melo, Malone, Ayton

Keep Bill Russell to bring in as needed


How many cards are you missing from that set? He’s a really good point guard, but they are coming out with great cards so fast now… And they are cheap.

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I like this advice for your squad. I still like Oscar a lot. But Melo has lost his usefulness in TTO for me. Not sure what the cost of the rest of the set is these days.


Yeah if you don’t have the set, then no need to get it for Oscar.

Yeah. So I’d either look for a Point Guard instead of Melo. Or you can move T-Mac to bench PG and find a shooting guard or small forward to fill those roles.

I just got melo from this set.
Probably sell anteto and goes for Drob but i wait to friday for another crash.

Yeah. Definitely wait for the next set of cards. It will make the cards you need even cheaper.

Agree with that. But if he already has it and if he wouldn’t get much mt by selling it off and he likes Melo… he might as well. But if any of those don’t apply, prob don’t lock.

He has Malone. It’s locked.

GODrob would prob be the best or second best player on your team. Total animal.

I think we are talking about diff sets…

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Ahhh, thought you meant T-Mac. We must be. :joy:

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