A GUARANTEE that the Warriors win the Championship 🏆

It’s simple.

After watching game 1 of the two conference finals there is no argument that can be formulated to disprove that the Warriors will soon be the 2018 Finals Champs. I chose them to win, but I knew in the beginning that anything is possible. Hell, the 73 win Warriors did blow a 3-1 lead. I thought maybe the Rockets would punch them in the mouth in game 1, right? Wrong.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the most top heavy they have ever been. LeBron complained about it last year, and look at them now. LeBron is the greatest basketball player in the world, and no one is really arguing that. That doesn’t mean much though. Cleveland has surrounded him with role players and sharpshooters; which are ideal for his game. The problem is these particular role players have yet to sustain a high level of play throughout this entire season and into the post season. On top of that their defense is atrocious, and overall athleticism is not scaring anyone. LeBron makes them look amazing when they do execute. He puts food on their plate, and all they have to do is EAT. If they miss shots, and assignments, the Cavs barely even resemble a potential 8 seed. When opposing teams cut the head off the snake they look an awful lot like a lottery team. That emphasizes the polarity between LeBron and the remainder of the entire roster. Yes, Kevin Love is an all-star but until he sustains a high-level of play I cannot endorse him as being able to carry some of the load. It’s easy for teams to game-plan to shutdown LeBron and force the rest of his guys to beat you. Clearly much better odds than if you let him drop a 40 point triple double; which he still is capable of doing regardless. That’s just his greatness. The man is capable of that. If they make it to the finals their lack of team defense will make that obsolete.

Now take a look at the Warriors.

Best weapon on their roster? Kevin Durant. Who is he surrounded by? Hall of Famers & quality role-players, some who even epitomize their roles. At all times on the court he is with two other Hall of Fame offensive threats. You CAN’T load up on him. You CANNOT cut the head of this Warriors snake off. Try if you want, and one will grow right back in it’s place. Which do you prefer: Chef Curry’s special? A Klay Thompson highlight reel? What do you even do in this situation? Nothing! Just play with heart, and when you inevitably lose it won’t feel as bad. Lol. The Warriors won 73 games and then added the leagues BEST isolation player. He is literally up there in the “Who was the greatest offensive weapon of all-time?” conversation. He can do anything, make any shot, imposes his will in one-on-one matchups, and is downright scary as fuck. I’ve said all along that the Warriors were still Steph Curry’s team, but I think that is now up for debate. I know we haven’t seen Steph much lately due to injuries but dating back to last years playoffs they look a lot like KD’s team. I’ve NEVER endorsed KD, and never once accepted he was even comparable to LeBron James, but it’s time I stop being ignorant. Kevin Durant is next in line to the NBA crown IF and when LeBron begins to decline. As I type that I actually have this feeling that he has almost ripped the crown from James’ head. He is 29 years old, and I’m officially scared for the rest of the NBA. He is becoming more and more efficient, and his skill level is still rising. He hasn’t even peaked yet!

There is no game-plan to stop this team. No defense in the league is built to hold off 3 of the most lethal scorers in league history for 7 games. The Lakers, the Celtics, the Bulls, the Spurs, and now the Warriors. They have built a dynasty that will reign for years to come. I believe we will see more pay-cuts and their core making sacrifices to stay together. These guys are awesome, and this team is something else. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six…


Is it possible? (I am just being a smart-ass, but you never know)


slow clap :clap::clap::clap:

Agreed. And with Klay likely to sign a team friendly extension, they could get six, maybe more rings out of this crew.

Klay is going to get paid but not nearly what he could on the open market. he knows his role here likes it, loves the bay area, and what’s to win. I’m sure people will hate still. the dubs need a good big man. I just don’t know of they’ll ever be able to.get one unless someone is willing to take a big pay cut to.join to try and win a ship.

With the direction of the league they do NOT need a good big man. Maybe just a knockdown stretch. It would put a cog in their machine if they throw a traditional big in there. People say if New Orleans had Demarcus they would’ve exposed Golden State. I honestly don’t know if that’s true. 7 games is a long time lol.

Remember, that team lost 1 game in last years playoffs… ONE!!!

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Zaza and Javell got to go. I like the both, and Javell randomly shoes flashes but they kill me sometimes. I think Kyle O’Quinn would fit well. and the rumor was we were interested at the dead line. they just need someone to rebound and get boards.

Good post, I just disagree that it is KD’s team. He is imo the better player, mainly thanks to his physical parameters (Curry even being in conversation with KD and Lebron is super awesome, considering how smaller and weaker he is), but this team si definitely Curry’s.
It all revolves around him, often only his movement frees up other players. Even yesterday he was crucial albeit he did not take many shots.

I’m with you Amar. Curry’s presence is the engine that makes it all run. D’Antoni said it last night explaining why they keep switching everything on defense. It’s a pick your poison situation. You really going to leave Steph Curry wide open from 3? Can’t do it. It’s like a layup to him.

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This years title now feels like a certainty. The rockets gave them their best shot at home in game 1 and it was never really in doubt in the 4th quarter. I had thought this series could go 6 but now I am doubtful it gets passed 5.

However, for the future, there are a couple large considerations that will put the Warriors continued dominance at risk. Draymonds Health. Stephs Health.

Draymond is a very physical player, any drop off in athleticism will greatly affect his impact on the boards, blocks and transition.

Steph already looks like he is in athletic decline. This could be because of the latest injury, but it is becoming less and less likely that Steph will be much more athletic than he is right now.

Iggy: He is such a huge part as a glue guy, that depends on athleticism, this could decline rapidly.

Durant and Klay will age well as they both use their size as an advantage when shooting. Klay does not depend on dynamic athleticism so he will be a very effective player for years.

Unless the Warriors do something savvy such as move Curry before he hits the decline I foresee this franchise being a 2star team with limited role help as the cap will be a pain. If they were to make some moves ahead of Draymond and Curry’s decline they could greatly improve the supporting cast, paving the way for continued top contention.

This team doesn’t work without Curry. Plus, he doesn’t even need that much athleticism to run around screens like Klay does. I don’t follow your argument. I’ll remain silent on Draymond. He does my head in.

If they could snag Capela or Adams, then it’s over ladies and gentlemen

My argument is Curry and Draymond are most likely to fall off a cliff compared to Klay/Durant based on current health, age and playstyle.

Curry’s speed and quickness is important. He needs the quick twitch ability to create space. And his defense is already a weakness, he loses any lateral quickness he becomes a detriment.

To guarantee the longest term success I would cut bait with one, or both, of them sooner than later if it can garner the appropriate pieces in return. Teams overpay all the time in this league and the warriors could greatly improve their team depth 5-8 on the roster.

If you watched the game last night you would have seen Curry is a benefit, not a must at this point. On nearly every must have basket the ball is going to durant. In other stretches it was Draymond and Klay on the floor together stretching out the lead.

What you just said defines ALL great point guards. To be honest, I don’t see them even being the Rockets without KD. He not only is the NBA’s greatest luxury on offense, but he adds SO MUCH to their abilities on the other end as well. He makes that defense ELITE. My post doesn’t outright claim it’s KD’s team, but I did say it’s up for debate, and to be quite frank they look a lot like his team. The more I think about it the closer I get to exclaiming it is.

Yes @Ryan — my Warriors team will win the championship in our Tournament.

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I thought the Rockets had the slightest chance but that’s out now. It’s simple. They not only have the greatest talent of any team all time, but they also fit well together. When your assembling talent for a dream team you don’t want all these ISO stars and guys that need the ball every possession your going to want guys that can be very efficient players and be all around superstars. Steph is the greatest shooter and most efficient scorer in league history. He’ll finish top 20 of all time. Klay Thompson is Ray Allen 2.0 and would likely be putting up 25 PPG as a go to option on another team. KD is a 6"11/7"0 SF that is athletic and an outstanding shooter, ball handler, finisher, etc… He’ll go down top 10 of all time. Then for there 4th star they don’t need much more scoring than that, which is why having a DPOY and amazing team player like Draymond there as there 4th option is simply butter on the cake. It’s not as simple as the Warriors have all the talent. They can’t be beaten because all of there talent compliments each other so well.

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Based on my watching GSW over the past several years, I’ll respectfully disagree. Curry, on average, is a must. He is coming off of an injury so he’s a little slower. Problem is that KD wouldn’t be as dominant without the threat of Curry to keep the defense honest.

The Rockets (and all the other teams) can’t double-team the 2nd/3rd best player in the league (KD) because Curry (and Klay) are too much of a threat when they’re open. Can’t cut bait with the system in my view. Who replaces Steph?

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All this post is missing is a paragraph explaining why they might beat the Celtics in the finals.

I think if the Celtics make it there well built and put up a good fight, but the amount of talent by the Warriors will still make it a no contest at the end of the day.

You’re welcome.

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