A few tips for the last drexler challenge

I came into this challenge way too confident and almost lost it, so lemme tell y’all now that Brandon Roy will not win this for you alone. He didn’t hit one shot for me, blocked every time he went to the rim as well, so imo don’t shot with him unless it’s a wide open dunk.

Another thing is DONT SLEEP ON JAMES EDWARDS THE STACHE. That dude came in I figured I was done and he hit 5 post shots in a row, his foot speed is terrible but that post offense literally saved me.

I started paxson at PG and he did as good of a job as anyone can on GO magic which means he made him miss 2 out of 10 shots, but Kenny came in and killed it for me off the bench with offense so they’re both good players in this challenge.

Other then that you gotta pray to whatever you believe in that they miss at least a few shots cuz this team SUCKED to play against. Good luck


just slap their faces with the Nets playbook brody


Kenny was actually my game MVP. Scored like 30+ and didn’t do too bad against Magic/ MJ. Felt like the longest game ever though, and I swear Hakeem wouldn’t miss at the basket.

My advice is to get it done before the next patch drops, because we know Nets playbook is going to receive some changes

Lol I ain’t need no playbooks all freestyle hot garbage baybee


cheers with Pepsi on you man, same here


The Nets playbook is definitely the way to go. Brandon Roy didn’t even see the court in the final game. I went with Lever, Clyde, Pippen, Edwards, Hakeem. All defense. Then the Nets playbook is auto baskets on the other end. Clyde had 62 points and Lever had 34 assists.


Use Steve Kerr for coach, use Otis T. to score 6-10 points. The extra player I used in stead of Drexler was Rik Smits for his tall def on the PD bigs.

Oh shit. I didn’t even think to not use Drexler.

I started Smith, Drexler, Pippen, Nance, and Thorpe.

Bench squad was Lever, Roy, Petrovic, Kersey, and Hakeem.

Crunch time was Smith, Drexler, Pippen, Kersey, and Hakeem.

Mainly run Quick 21 RIP and just looping around with Drexler after calling play, and dunking. Same with Pippen and Nance. Smith did a good job of getting free for a finish at rim off play when I actually let it run.

I went with Muresan and make sure you match up Pippen on MJ. Muresan got double team after like 3 hook shots and then open 3’s and quick 21 rip won me the game pretty easy.

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I put Pip on Magic and Drexler mostly on MJ, Smith hidden on Pippen which CPU didn’t abuse much.

Damn. Wish I realized I could sub someone else for Drexler.


Also, aside from CPU being absurd invarious ways, it felt like they did something hinky…for passes that I can normally throw and hit guys in stride and keep momentum, I kept having the pass target make full stops to catch. Totally screwed up the best way to run Q21RIP.

Wait, you don’t have to use the spotlight player in the final game?

You have to use the whole set, clyde isn’t in the set though so his card isn’t a requirement. I ran Roy at SG and Pippen at SF and then youve got 1 slot for any player. I chose Muresan, worked pretty well.


My dumbarse has been running the 12 players in the set and the spotlight player :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: I struggled in the final KG game due to the lack of bigs and I could’ve been running Dikembe the whole time

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The Equalizer/DDA is really turned up for this game.

If the MTU experience was regularly like game 17 the online equalizer conspiracy theorists might be more convincing.

Is this last game harder then the other spotlights game 17?

all of these spotlight challenges are totally toxic games. The gameplay is so bad, the CPU does the most unbelievable things, and the equalizer is out of control.

Not sure how many times I say to myself, it’s not possible to do that. My fave is when their post player misses a shot and somehow follow dunks their own miss. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that once in my 30 years of watching basketball.

Cliff Robinson = Wilt Chamberlain, Marcus Camby = Bill Russell and so on. Their no-name bronze players routinely outplay my amys. The CPU also doesn’t have fatigue turned on, yet my guys are are under 70 stamina after the first quarter, and never really regain it, especially the players who have requirements. KG was basically gassed the whole 20 rebound game.

I’ve been getting through them using quick rip 21 and quick thru sts, but its not exactly a rewarding game experience. Just venting

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You aren’t completely wrong breh. I hate playing these last games, they get on my nerves real quick and I don’t even gotta yell to make my dogs nervous and I hate making them feel that way lmao

what plays???