A couple of questions about release


Here I drew a shot bar. Let’s say, 100% filled bar = an excellent shot. 60-99% = early release. 0-59% = very early.

Question #1. Are all early shots the same or the closer to 100% the better?
And #2. What’s better: 70% + wide open or 90% but lightly contested?

10/10 drawing


70% and wide open. Lightly contested shots never go in for me unless they’re green

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I think the red part of the jalapeño is the hottest


I remember reading somewhere (maybe 2klabs?) that it’s better to be early on a release than late.

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Hahahahaha that shot bar tho :rofl::skull:

Is that a pepper?

Question 1: Close to 100% the better

Question 2: Depends on the shooter – elite shooters, 90% but lightly contested has a great chance. When you are at 70% the shooting is pretty clunky.

Bad shooter, lightly contested might eliminate any chances of them making the shot, so 70% wide open for a bad shooter.