A Big Thank You

A big thank you to the creators of this forum because the layout looks sweet AF and we’ve been needing something new for a while, Harry for spreading the news, and in a weird way, thanks to the gay porn douche for lighting the fire under our collective asses and unknowingly jumpstarting this exodus from 2KMTCentral.


Yeah, I don’t like that we had to leave a site that has been such a great resource, and hopefully will continue to be such. Tupac created something really great for us, and if I helped drive traffic that got him a little revenue through ads, I was happy for him to get that.

But we’re better off here. With active moderation to at least prevent hate speech trolling. And the software really is better.

I really appreciate that the Discourse software seems to use same text markup as Reddit, which makes it easier to do cross-posting.


lol the gay porn deush

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so far this site looks pretty cool do you guys plan on doing the player updates and stuff i love mtb’s lay out how you can see the badges and stuff is nice and they update fast ,but the site useless for chat and stuff … so this stie seems to be cool so far and the forum is easy and layed out nice i like it alot good site so far very good

I only joined 2KMTCentral last month but the lack of moderators was terrible. Really glad to have an excellent organized forum for 2K now!

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