A 3pt Play for the SG that is like Quick Thru STS?

I want to Evo up a SG that needs a ton of 3 pointer. What is a good, essy play that I can spam against the CPU to get this card quick, easy, open 3s? Something like Quick Thru STS, but instead of running to the basket, the SG runs into open space hugging the 3 point line?

I would just run the floppy play.


Just play rookie dom and jack 3s


I wanna work my way through the weekly challenges to get the eventual 6 tokens per week plus the MT rewards. And I wanna be efficient. I know I can get 75 ppg if I run the right play, whereas if I just jack 3s then I am looking at 35-40ppg.

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Bro don’t kill your self with weekly challenges


Those are on pro, you could prob get away with jacking 3s too

Quick 12 flare from Spurs playbook.
Grinded mycareer badges with it, also works in myteam. Wide open literally every single time.

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Nothing in the Bucks PB?

Bucks pb doesn’t have really good 3 point plays

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Jazz motion freelance has a lot of off ball screens for the 2

I do it with floppy!

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This. On Pro, if the rating is decent, you can just jack up shots.

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Current Blazers’ playbook:
Quick 1 Chest & Quick 12 Loop


Quick 12 Flare - Spurs PB
Quick 3 STS - Celtics PB
Quick Point 2/Fist 21 Delay (don’t pass or hand off it turns into Quick 3) - Knicks PB
Quick 1 Chest/Quick 12 Loop - Blazers PB
Fist 5 Out 3/Quick 5 Out 2 - Bucks?


Punch flare rip, 13’ Heat. Some might be contested but let them bitches fly on pro


Blazers PB: Punch 15 Flare

Wideeeeeeee open 3s.

Flow freelance is pretty good for 3’s especially against pro difficulty.