99k to spend

I need a start’n PF and i have 99k to spend any suggestion?

Pippen is SF but for 100k he is an insane steal! Do you have him?

How about AK-47 (free) at PF?

i have PG13 at SF and dont have the MT to get all the cards for AK

You could try to snipe a Blake. I see them pop up all the time and they usually last for a couple minutes.

Like the comment above, put about 10 or 15 minutes into trying to snipe a Blake for the next few nights. He has been "forgotten " among all the rage over AD but trust me, he’s still one of the best cards you can get in that range. You could also look to snipe Kuz. I got mine for 90k so it’s possible.

Also, Heat Check AD is a monster when lit. I plugged him back into some lineups last night since he was lit and he was killing everything. If you can’t get the PD, this is the next best thing lol.

I really love Amy Kenyon Martin. I don’t know why he plays so good for me, but he goes in. Snatching boards over bigger guys, catching lobs, and you can hit 3s with him no prob.

I’ve seen a lot of ppl gloat over Tom Gugliotta (spelling ?). I haven’t used him, but he looks nice. Stretch 4 that can rebound with the best of em, they say.

Moments Jaren Jackson.
Flight Tom Chambers.
I’ve seen diamond David West lower than ever, like 60K on ps4 last night.
Moments Sabonis… one of my budget Gods.
Flight Ibaka.

How do that kuzma play? I want’d him

Blake for 99k is your answer

He’s great. Splash city from outside, can dunk, is fast. Only thing lacking I guess is his defensive stuff (but you can control that) and sometimes his rebounding. But then on other times, hes cleaning the glass, so… it all depends.

that Sabonis actually good? how’s his D?

I like using him. Defense is average, but he can grab boards