99 Pink Diamond WESTBROOK Gameplay


Another NEW Pink Diamond and this time it’s Westbrook. A nice card, which has only one problem for me and that is his layup animation. He gets blocked a lot with that layup animation.
Except of this layup part, he is unbelivable and has realy nice dunking animations and he doesn’t miss. Also the best stats in the game, so just see it for yourself in the VIDEO

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I have played 100+ games with d Russ and only remember him blocked 3-4 times. He doesn’t even miss those dunks like other short guards. He also has this reverse leg and hand layup animation (which also Oscar has) which is almost impossible to block. Play some more games, u are utterly wrong.


Nice vid bro!


might be because he played him fatigued quite a bit

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Yep I think that was a reason, played one normal game now and he was shooting 9/14 FG, 3/4 3pt