99 Oscar vs 97 Westbrook


HOF Badges (both): Dimer, PnR Maestro, One Man Fast Break, Hustle Rebounder, Relentless Finisher, Acrobat, Difficult Shots.

HOF Badges (RWB only): Posterizer, Ankle Breaker, Tireless Scorer, Mid-Range D.E.

Westbrook Pro’s: Dunking, Overall D, Speed
Oscar Pro’s: 3PT Shooting, Post Scoring, Post D

CONCLUSION: RWB is the better card, but not by much. My advice is, if you have 99 Oscar locked in, don’t overpay for this RWB card unless you’re a huge fan.

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I believe we will also get a watered down diamond Oscar soon. The Bucks one maybe with a Kareem duo.

I haven’t played with Oscar this year but most people think his release is worse than last year’s, which was pretty bad. That makes these cards not very close imo.

I’ve had Oscar for months so I’m used to his release. He is consistent from 3PT for me. It’s a slower release, but I sometimes prefer that because the fast ones are harder to green for me. His FT is very quick and I used to have trouble with it but now I’ve got it down and rarely miss.

This is a damn shame. There’s no way that Russ is as good as Oscar Robertson. But hey, that’s 2k for ya.

Id take Oscar over Russ any day. Oscar’s huge and has a post game. I hate Russ jumpshot, even with the juiced ratings he’d be streaky. Basing this on last yr cuz I cant afford either of them this yr. If there’s a Bucks Oscar I’ll hop on it asap.

I have the 95 Westbrook and his release is great man.

Never liked it. Seems kinda stiff and fast idk how to explain but to me it was odd. Everyone likes JR but I got that same feeling about his jumper too when I used him.

thank you for doing this post. Iv’e been considering locking in Oscar for a while

I love both of those guys releases lol. Everybody has their preference though.

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