99 baron or 97 russ?

Debating between the 2. Russ has diamond 3pt shoe. Should I sell him for Baron, or keep russ?

Barons the better player.

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Very difficult choice so i use em both, depending on opp. Russ has a better midgame and certain adv (height and strenght) but i’m too good with Baron’s release. Baron has a better 3p rate of course. Both are great imo.

Exact same question for me.

I have the same dilemma, and I locked in evolution. So, I have Oscar and Kidd. It’s hard to justify 4 point guards. Russ might actually have better stats though if you compare. More HoF badges too.

Same here, but in the end I bought PD Harden with diamond contract 147k
Market crash is great!

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I thought about picking him up too. I just want the Kobe to come down. He’s my favorite player to ever lace them up.

I got kobe for 204. I’m extremely satisfied and happy to have my favorite player

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man I though the Amy Baron was the best true pg in the game. the PD is flat out ridiculous.


I think Baron is the better choice. I’ll put it this way, this Baron is so good, I might end up starting him and bringing PD Magic off the bench.

Over PD Magic? Thats a statement. I’m curious. What u like better with him over Magic? Is Magic still worthy for you?

He is not that good :thinking:

You’ve been using him? I think he’s great. He’s just so versatile. He’s got inside game, outside game, good animations. So dynamic. What’s the knock on him?

Yeah, him pd magic and russ. He is good indeed but pd magic is on another dimension if u use him right. He can only be compared to pd Lebron i think.


I just want a change of pace. Magic is the better card, but Baron is more fun for me right now since I’ve been starting Magic for a long ass time.

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I run Oladipo/wall/pd Baron

It’s gets boring if I don’t switch some guys around every now and then lol.

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B Diddy over Russ all day

I’m having a hard time justifying Baron over Harden, but Barons one of all-time favs. Nostalgia!

That’s a tough one, harden has 3pt shooting on Baron, but Baron is awesome at on ball steals and better on defense