98 OVR PD James Harden Appreciation Thread

This card play identical to his real life counterpart , he is capable of compromising you entire opponents defensive scheme by himself .

His dribble moves are unfair , and it’s amazing that the double step back animation doesn’t go into a gather so you can continue your dribble if you choose to .

His weaknesses I would say are his length on the defensive end and , rebounding even tho it says it’s decent


I’ve been wanting him, but I know the moment I get him the anni 3 Harden will drop out of nowhere.


I could never use a Harden card no matter how good it was

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Double step back into leg-kick three attempt flop, get up and run at ref




I cant wait for the anniversary

The card is crazy fun to use. Just like the real life Harden with the crazy dribbles and all. But damnit, I couldn’t make a three with him to save my life


He’s super fun to use… matter of fact, a dude torched me with him in my first game with Opal Giannis lmao. He actually came back and won thanks to Harden takeover, so props to him.

But he’s kinda streaky for me, personally. I’ll have games where he gets 2 or 3 takeovers, leads my team in scoring and hits the craziest shit. Then I’ll have games where he clanks everything, but at least is still good for multiple assists (I run him at point).

Overall, I love the card tho. Can’t wait to see what his Anny looks like.