98 Kobe with Curry’s

How much does this card go for on ps4? How much should I be looking to cash out?

The 97 with Curry’s is monster can’t imagine the 98 prob as unstoppable as it gets

Probably 350+

190 k last night on ps4. There were 3 up, I got the cheapest one. Historic throwbacks are gonna keep getting cheaper and cheaper. Kawhi is almost bin. Dirk and wilt pretty much too. They keep dropping pds every week Kobe will probably hit bin. Too many options at that point

Lmao holy fuck he was so high before.

I bought this 98 Kobe w/ Currys for 450k. I sold him for 500k. Just a few weeks ago. Crazy :slight_smile:
I got Kawhi for 550k. He’s almost BIN now.

I “sniped” a PD Dirk for 100k BIN this morning. It’s not even a snipe.

I’m waiting for a 97 Kobe to pop up BIN and you doing all this sniping

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Big L damn

Lol I need one with Curry’s man I don’t even want this 98 without them. I’d rather keep my 97 if that’s the case

Yeah, I should have sold Kawhi off a long time ago and bought him back for cheap to mitigate the loss. Now I can’t sell him without… going insane :slight_smile:

Nah you should keep the 98 put the 97 up for 100k BIN

Yea maybe people think I’m crazy but the 97 with Curry’s outplayed the base 98 for me. I had the 98 for a couple weeks

The fro does it for me

Welp with pd Hardaway most likely in tbt packs I won’t get shit for Kobe so gotta keep the 98 now. I just put the 97 up