98 Kobe price check ps4

I know this is day one of the card release but what’s his price looking like atm? That kind of gives me an idea where he will settle

I don’t think any have finished the 4 hour auction yet

Surely around the 600k for the first weekend

Around 450k next week

Around 300k when PD Lebron drops

Do you think this will hit McGradys value?

Of course! He is better than McGrady

Limitless Hof, fast, good sinker, good defender, pretty good at everything. Yes he will be in the same range as McGrady or Kawhi

first Kobes ending, seems to be going for 350k? opinions on that price?

I see more ending 100k less than that. There is a lot of him on the market. I’m considering selling my 97 with grey Nike’s to grab kawhi and move mcgrady to the 2 off my bench. I pulled a defense shoe out of one pack and have no clue who to put it on. Thinking McGrady would benefit. Should I get kawhi and make that move or save up for a 98 Kobe? I have 99 Jordan with diamond 3pt shoe

Mcgrady is still uber rare. I say he stays high.

He actually has better stats (+143) and size. Kobe just has the better dribble animations and slight edge in finishing.

Mcgrady has been head and shoulders my best guard. Mike has the defensive edge and dunks absurdly on others.

I just got the 98 Kobe for 165k on Xbox… W or L?

huge W.
Mine is 200k but I am really happy with that :slight_smile:

I honestly just logged in cuz the first half of the game was ending and saw his price so low and was super skeptical on bidding, thought there was no way this card is that cheap.

I liked having Kobe with mcgrady at the 3 off the bench but seeing the price dip on kawhi has me thinking he may work better. Also could get Carmelo and throw that Jordan 2 defense shoe on him

this is craaazy 98 Kobe going for 150k on day one

With this lineup would you swap Kobe for 98 Kobe, pick up kawhi and drop Kobe or get Carmelo to put diamond defense shoe and drop Kobe?

Its price is relatively low atm. I think it is because people are watching the game

That and there is an abundance on the market. This isn’t like Kawhi where there was as limited of a supply.

Is that Xbox or ps4?

Can’t be ps4. He’s been hovering around high 200k low 300. If you get him for that, it’s a snipe