98 Kareem with Diamond contract and Diamond Dark Blue Jordans (PS4)

The shoe boosts open mid, open 3, passing accuracy, acceleration, and hands. Go cop!

Stats for me:



Relax w the bumps man, we see it.


Srry about that.

You’re good bro, I understand you want to make sure people see that a card like that is up. Best times to bump it are at like the midway point, and like 30 minutes left.

Bump, less than 2 hours left and only at 100,050 mt.

Last Bump. He’s still only at 133k. I got him for 170k, so whoever gets this card has a steal.

I got the exact same card for only 115k just this weekend during the market crash… Great card!! How much did it ends up, If I may ask?

152,307 mt. I guess I’ll take it.

Lost about 25k on reselling, but he carried my ruby squad through the last 3 games of all time domination so not too unhappy with it. Don’t want to create a new thread, so how can I improve my lineup with 335k?

I think a lot of people think losing 20K on a card that you used a lot is bad.

Think of it like a car you drove for a few years.

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Still a good sell man! especially at this stage of the game. Congrats!

Totally agree with bro!

If I cop a card and get a few good games out of it. I don’t mind selling at a loss.

Do you play supermax?

Nope, no PS+.

I’ve played 3 placement matches during my 2 day trial period but that’s about it.

So what are you looking to improve?

Did you finish all the dominations?

Sell some Mt and buy a PlayStation plus card