98 Dwade + LeBron

Will the new heat lebron end up having a dd with 98wade?

I can see them adding it. they 97 has one with the Amy so it make sense.

PD Wade incoming? :slight_smile:

This will boost sales.


Why the bump? They probably will but nobody knows for sure when/if…

they may boost him. but the backlash will be unreal if it’s 98 LeBron. people spent a shit load of coin to get him.

I hope 2k will release the 98 wade/bron duo that boost them both to pd asap.i have 2 brons waiting in the auction house.haha

I grabbed DWADE Diamond in anticipation of a Duo with my 98 Heat Lebron. If this happens I think DWADE will be a Pink Diamond don’t know about Heat Lebron

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Its cool if both of them will become pd.its 1st ever in 2k history.