97 westbrook or Carmelo?

Which card is the best and funnest to use??

depends on your lineup. I‘d say westbrook is better though. Especially because of what he can do at the defensive end

outside of the PDs I have pretty much used every strong card in the game and currently 97 RWB i my fav player. You will love him.

never used melo but russ was amazing the short time i had him

Says she need a ring like carmellllloooooooo

Frank ocean anyone?? no? ok.

If you’re looking for the better card to win games, probably Westbrook, but if you’re looking for pure fun then Melo is about as fun a card as I’ve used this year. This is just based on Russ having decent defensive stats and Melo not. But if you find a way to hide Melo on D then I’d take Melo over Russ.