97 Nate Archibald super max

Nice a point guard who would sell for 15k max

I fucking knew it

Lol not even 15k

grindin 40 game under 10k pg smh

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Was hoping for Richmond…

I told you we will see a diamond Nate Archibald. Just didn’t think he would be a reward.

Sounds more like a punishment


Wtf slap in the face man

Sadly he won’t get a Diamond this year even though bums or players who won’t be HOFers got this year, example rozier or JR Smith, also I think some people would rip packs to get him, he’s a fan favorite

A undersized PG who’s gonna get abused in SM :joy::joy::joy:


Forreal,has there been any supermax reward that was good ever?

Damn this a reward that might have me just not play lol

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Clyde when Big Z are the only ones I can think of at this point any reward they make will suck since we have so many op cards this is what happens when you drop countless unrealistic cards. If I didn’t enjoy Supermax I probably wouldn’t play anymore because that Vince can’t be better than tmac

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Just gonna sell my team (and MT), i just can’t. At least Love is pretty cool card, regardless how useful it is. I ain’t gonna stress myself over some card that has 0 use, i mean they could have given Amy Thon Maker i’d be 100x more excited.


Only if Nate Archibald was 6”10

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No great nba player name starts with Nate.

Would have preferred a Blake Griffin or Jamal Crawford. 30+ games for a PG that would be 10k if auction-able? I’m good love enjoy.



Amy Debuscherre was a pretty juiced card… stats thru the roof and can guard any 1-4 in the game/

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