97 DeRozan or 97 Kobe?

Anyone tried both of them? I had Kobe for a very long time and I am looking to buy a new SG.
Should I go for Kobe again or try out DeRozan?

derozan is better in offence and kobe is better on d

both have a good dunk animation

but derozan is taller!

i prefer derozan with that 80-100k price difference

I had both for awhile then sold Kobe. I like DeRozan better cause of his length and ability to get to the rim, not to mention he’s significantly less expensive

I’m just like Defrozan, if I shoot it goes in


I really want Derozan but Id have to sell Elgin Baylor or Havlicek and I really wanna keep both.

DeRozan is amazing for me. Dude is honestly one of my favorite players to use. So damn tall, amazing dunk animations, great HOF badges, and easy release. Kobe has better dribble moves, that’s difference I see in them.


I would sell Havlicek for DeRozan, but Havlicek does have better defense. DeRozan’s card is just so much fun to use, you should at least try him out.

I think imma go with Demar. Never tried him and it looks like he is a lot of fun!

maybe you should wait some hours for the new packs to drop.
i will be looking for one too :wink:

Yeah derozan is great,he is my favorite card in the game,even better than my kd and t mac

I will :wink: