97 Demarcus Cousins Badged Up. WITH Grey Kobe’s (ball handling. Speed with ball) up for 12 hours PS4

PS4. He’s up

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I’ll be present when he leaves you lol gonna set my alarm for 3:00 a.m. sheesh

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You could just do a max bid and should be good

I figure I would give this to one of y’all tho since I know a few of you guys want it and he’s a bench player for me so ima let one of y’all get this Blake Griffin by cheesing this cousins lmao


I mean I covet the card very badly but with hakeem being 140k ish, I can’t see him going for more than that but good luck too you. I’m certainly gonna try and flip some cards tonight to help get him :slight_smile:

I literally just left town 1 hour ago… damn it



I sold one on Xbox for 275 yesterday lmao

But if 140 your max just drop the max and let it ride. You’ll prolly win

A guy did message me that he was gonna drop 220 on it tho but who knows he prolly lying



What’s he at?

I’m not sure I’m not home. I just bumped it because I know guys want the card so I’m trying to keep it visible.

Anyone have a strong opinion on what the 95 OVR Boogie with Gray Kobes, ideally badged, is worth?

35-45k is where I would scoop, 50 if also has infinite contract.

Thanks. That’s the range I’d expect. Think I just keep him. Other pieces I’d rather sell to fund getting Hakeem, even though Hakeem makes it hard to play Boogie.

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I think Hakeem’s price will drop very soon, seen him going for 125k earlier, boogie is a very very fun card though.