97 Boogie value?

What’s a good price to get him for in your opinion? Usually I only see 1-3 of this card up for auction at a time and since I’ve been in the market for him I’m losing every bid, last night someone got him for 145k and it ended with 3 minutes left (i was so pissed) this afternoon I got outbid at 220k (I know I really reached) and then I missed a bid on another tonight with 3 seconds left for 115k… would you guys pay 200k + for him? I know alot of people say he isn’t worth it but the key attribute boosts from thev95-97 are quite appealing too me and he is one of my favorites irl

Definitely not worth 200k. Get 95 with white Kobe shoe instead.

I bought that exact one for 89k two days ago lol. The 97 is not at all worth the price difference over a diamond shoed 95.