96 KD with Diamond Grey/Yellow Kobes (PS4)

Would anyone be interested in this at 44bid 55 bin?

Pd kd at 65-70k a hard sell

Yeah but this one’s faster and better at everything the shoe boosts, plus like you said, it’s 20-25 k my cheaper.

And a little less EQ

I sold mine for like 50k (after a few tries) so if you want it to be sold, 50k is your best bet.

I think I bought it lol . Last night?

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I’m so stupid lol

Yeah lol did he have like 18 badges?

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Yeah… Fuck . I hate having mt.

Bought Jordan
(Looks like I’m gonna lose 10k plus tax on him)
Replaced with your KD
(Looks like I’m gonna lose 10k plus tax)
Once I get this PD bird he’s staying lol

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PD Bird is godly. And I feel you man, I always seem to buy cards thinking they’re a good deal, and sometimes after a day their price is cut in half.

I mean KD was 40… I figured 50 woulf be worth it especially because even a gold shoe is 10k for 45 games.