95 LeBron with Diamond +9 Open 3 & +9 Speed with ball shoe

I have this LeBron and I was wondering how much I should put him up for? I’m looking to upgrade to the Playoffs LeBron with the same shoe. What you guys think?

With this crash hes probably worth like 10k

what crash? I noticed prices going up. Did they drop PD Kobe already?

The crash is real. Tons of 98 Kobe up, PD Kat and KD not going for 100k anhmore

No but everyones anticipating him. In general 95 Lebron must be dirt cheap

Oh shit, how much is PD tmac going for now? I haven’t been on since this morning. I wana sell PD Tmac

PD KD? Jeez, think tomorrow will be less? I won’t be home until tomorrow, and KD is the last player I need.

Oh shit sorry AD not KD

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how much is diamond kobe and pd ad ?

how much would you guys say I should pay for 97 playoffs Lebron with +9 speed with ball shoes then?

I was able to get a PD AD for 99k BIN 30 min ago. Kobe with high top curry and contract with no bids ending at 100k