95 Boogie with infinite contracts and diamond 3p shoe up on ps4 now! 100k bid

Just posted him in ah (4h left).
Open shot three is 98 and speed with ball is 84 with the diamond shoe.Practically he is better than 97 Boogie and he served me well for months, up to pink diamond league, contributing like 60% from 3 and grabbing 5 rebounds average per game .
I just need the mt to test some new cards before this mode is dead .
Go bid on him please (starting bid 100k).
Of course he is got all the shooting badges on too (limitless , deep deadeye , corner specialist etc). Great card and one of the best offensive centers out there , you won’t regret it.

Too expensive, even with that shoe. Did it sell?

I bought one for 55k during the crash and liked him but I was over seeing him in my team and sold him for about 68k which took about 20 mins to sell. I don’t think he would go for anything more then 80. The market is weird at the moment. I was gonna sell PD harden and he’s going for 170k so I’m not taking that risk

I got my 95 boogie on Sunday with diamond contract for 31k, i will pay like 45k if he has the shoe but no more than that.

65k seems like the highest you could get for it. But you never know. People do dumb stuff and may buy cards for too much MT if they’re not familiar with the prices or if they have a boat load of MT and don’t care, just want that specific card.

45k for this 3p diamond shoe Boogie ? Haha good one nah thanks. I already sold him 100k bin on my second post up in ah.
Keep your 45k for a shitty center bro :slight_smile:

Sold him for 100k mate.

woah, no need to be so arrogant

Well good for you. As I said, someone may buy it but it’s overpaying considering it’s a very old card. But in saying that, he’s still one of the best and that shoe definitely makes him one of the best all around centers in the game. I just didn’t think anyone would pay 100k for it. I still use Boogie, don’t have a shoe on him and would definitely like to have him with a 3pt shoe but I’ve only seen those up 100k starting bid and many of them ending without anyone bidding. That’s why I’m hoping someone will throw him up there for 60k or something. Then I would definitely snag him.

Lol id like to meet the guy who spent 100k on a 95 boogie. I bet hes special

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100k for 95 boogie

U lyin


Bruh, how come you reserved the Pelicans in our tournament but haven’t responded in the community nor messaged me privately? There were definitely some other users who would’ve love to use that team…

I did msg u i just said im super busy @ work n dont kno if im gonna b available like i originally thought. I just assumed getting out now would b better then not showing up for the actual tournament? Ive seen a few of ur comments like i ruined the tournament for everyone i apologize. Again didnt think it was a huge deal. Sorry for the inconvenience

Yo, that boogie isn’t even that good tbh and defiantly not worth 100k not even 50k.

No worries. I just wish you had responded to me more recently. Last message I have from you is from 26 days ago.