91 Trailblazers money plays (3 real good plays)

I’m just dropping random plays here and there. I got three of the best plays (IMO) from the 91 tb

90 fist down 5 short-

Top of the key pick and roll with your pg and center. Small forward moves towards the hash,sg is in the corner, and your Pf is in the paint. The pf will move out the paint and go towards the 3 point line (or stay still 2k makes some plays run different in game) just run the pick and roll as is and if that isn’t open PF should be open all day.

90 fist 14 quick 2-

PG starts at the hash. Your sg will curl from the corner to the top of the key getting two screens from your 3/4. If that doesn’t work you get a side pnr with your center. Honestly, SG should be open nine times out of ten. If they hit one screen you should be open with gold to hof QuickDraw let it fly. Side PNR towards baseline is always good in 2k

90 quick 3 motion-

ALOT happens in this play. Pg starts at the top of the key your sg will get a down screen from your center. Make the pass and your PG will cut in the paint and loop back out towards the opposite hash. Your PF will come up as soon as your pg cuts and your small forward will get two down screens from the 2 and 5. Make that pass and your PG will get a screen from that PF back towards the top of the key.

Too many options on these plays are gonna give a user trouble. They also set up quick too.


I think this was the GOAT playbook in 2k17

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I read on here awhile ago that this playbook was good. They don’t change up these playbooks either so it’s really good to master these old school books.

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Have these worked well online or only against the CPU?

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Both! Doesn’t take long to set up, and you’re not making too many passes to where you’re setting yourself up to get baited. I only show plays that work 100% Only thing that might mess you up (nit picking) is the second play the defender might not hit those down screens (that’s just 2k)

Seems like the 1st play relies a lot on bad AI defense by the PF. 2nd play I feel like a user who catches on to the play can stop the SG action especially if they have HOF pick dodger but that one I really like. Third play I am like

Try em out in a regular play now online game or mtu. I wouldn’t spam these plays just something to change up the game.

How much for the ebook?


Use code zirk at checkout for 10% off


Whole thing WOBBIN



It was a reference to YBC the human crayon, attempting to sell EBOOK of plays like its madden

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That’s the little boy with the ready to rumble Afro thunder hair? He tripping for that, but I respect the hustle.


I’m giggling at that reference

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Classic PB’s always got heat :ok_hand: and they usually stay the same year to year

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