86swb chart

86swb chart

Dont see this anywhere so here you guys go. Took this from oopaulagio

86 unlocks tier 3 quick step animations

pretty much if you have 80 speed or lower you wont be able to speed boost

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Gotta give up my burly sg build :frowning:

hopefully i can speedboost in takeover

I believe shotcreator takeover boosts something that allows u to speedbost
And treadmill running boosts attributes

damn didnt know this

This is fucked if u think about it. Shaq had like 90+ speed and 86 BC this year. Idk if it applies for my team too.

So assume that in my team, this means that boosts to either ball control and/or speed (from coaches and shoes) could impact ability to speed boost.

It’s always been like that in MyTeam. At least with the BC

I know. But now you have 2 attributes to figure out…

Is speedboost and momentum dribble the same thing tho?


Are they gonna ever fix the xbox glitch where u need 87 ball control instead of 86 to speed boost -__-

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86 in mtu , 87 in freestyle

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