84ovr cheese squad fire sale Pt. 2

Selling my starting 5 from my 84ovr cheese squad on PS. Going up right now are the following:

Diamond Tyrese Haliburton - SOLD
KD 13 PEs
HOF Intimidator
Fully badged including Deadeye and Rim Protector
44,950 MT

Glitched Zion
XXXII Low Blacks
HOF Clamps, Deadeye, Break Starter, Giant Slayer
Fully badged
Diamond contract
54,950 MT

Amy Dino Radja
Speed grinches
HOF Interceptor
Fully badged
17,500 MT

Amy Kyle Anderson - SOLD
7,950 MT

Ruby Markelle Fultz - SOLD
Speed grinches
Fully badged
19,950 MT


50k for that tyrese is a LOT ngl

Dont buy him then, but the price is actually 45K. He costs 18K naked and has a great shoe, expensive badges and HOF Intimidator added.


ayo, im trying to get that fultz if he hasn’t sold yet, just tell me when/if he’s back up

Haliburton sold for 45k

Posting him again now. Same price

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Re-posted Fultz, Dino and Zion for the prices above. Fucked up on Dino’s price so instead of 30K from last night he’s up for 17.5K

You got any more of those gems?

Also got a Fultz with KD13PEs posted for 6950MT and a Felipe Lopez with Kobe Is for 2950MT. After that I’m tapped out. I’ve sold literally everything to farm MT to sell

Why create another thread? @ACMRmuki merge?

Idk where was the other one

Fultz is gone. Only Zion and Dino remain

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