80 Hof Hernangomez Xbox

Hi, I’m selling my 80 Hof badges Juan Hernangomez with diamond contract.
Please be so kind and bid on him if you like to have a beast of a player.

Ends in about 10 hours.

Thanks you in advance

Whoever gets this card gonna be Juan lucky person


14 minutes left guys, please. I don’t wanna sell him for 110k

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Sorry but your burnt bro. Nobody wants this card

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2 minutes left and 150k, yeah I think you’re right

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Again sorry bro. I’ve lost 100’s of thousands in the market so I know the pain. You should have sold him weeks ago

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I just bought him last week for 330k, it was a gamble but I lost 130k and that’s okay. I still have a lot of other cards left which I bought during the crash.

Thank you guys

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wilt giving all 80 hof + hof badge pack for every dom game kinda tanks the value of them dont you think?

he is also on the weekly wheel tomorrow

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Like i Said, I gambled and lost. That’s okay for me.
Next will be Scottie Barnes which I bought for 600k, hopefully I can flip this card. Maybe I sell him today.

u picked the wrong card bro…u gotta out badge bol bol or something

juan has ray allen jumpshot which is slow af

I bought him like this. I would never lock a card in even if it’s Wilt.
I bought a bunch of player’s during the crash but the todays superpacks did me real good.

is juan a bin yet?

hes been a bin

So happy I sold him yesterday :smiley:

dm yao and MJ are ending at 100k, dm ben simmons at 50k, dm luka at 85k. Invincible Tim Duncans are ending at 100k. Invincible’s lost their hype, its only about endgames now. Free invincible Devin Booker. Man, time flies, remember getting my first 2k, nba2k17 on my b-day and 2k became one of my main games every year. Bro like paul george was the cover athlete and luka was a 59 ovr.

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Yeah the market is crazy, hope it recovers somehow, except they will give us every week now this stupid superpacks.

My first 2k was the really first 2k, bought just for the game a Dreamcast, best time ever for NBA fans. NBA live was still playable plus 2k as a newcomer.

what u favorite 2k cover? mine would have to be 2k17 legend edition, followed by 2k12 big 3 (mj, larry, magic)

if you got the disc for 2k17 legend edition the cover was really cool, with the holo effect

Mine also 2k12. The best moment was in 2k11 when Jordan first appeared in a 2k game.
My last disc edition was 2k19 with lebron James, great cover.

im sure you’re over it by now but if it makes you feel better i saw someone pay 700k for a 80 badge danny granger 2 weeks ago

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