8-0 in unlimited...keep playing or chill?

keep playing tonight or get back to it tomorrow?

keep playing ,

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Do it. Sundays the weak boys be on.

Alright my head is straight. I’m going for it

yup cheeser gotta go to bed the stay at home dads are online oh and ppl like me that grind for others

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Lmao well said!

U deadass right tho lol :joy::joy:

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Just got matched up against an emerald and sapphire team!

Get off these damn boards and go get ya Larry bro lol

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lol see. dont brag tho next thing you know someone with larry appears happens to me everytime


Last game I played I was up 31 against some guy with all POTM cards. He rage quit in the 3rd

I won my last three or four to get LJ by probably an average of 40 this morning. They all played horrible D and forced contested threes.

I’d go for it if you are warmed up and not mentally drained. It’s essential to be warmed up, but sometimes playing too many it’s hard to be at your best.


He quit!

Next game here I go. Fingers crossed

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Ay bro you got this!

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Good luck brah I just got to 8-0 tonight as well debating if I want to test my luck. Any time past 11pm PST I notice the comp gets fierce lol

wait till 3 am it goes down

I just played a team with these players:

Diamond Melo
Diamond Iggy
PD Blake

Basically every other high priced card. Needless to say, I was pretty freaked out at the lineup screen but it turns out he was pretty bad and didn’t know how to use his players at all and ended up quitting in the second quarter.

I guess some people open their wallets to get their team

12-0!!! Thanks for the support boys!!!


Congrats bro, always ride the hot hand