76ers new secret weapon 🤯

20 year old Furkan Korkmaz of the 76ers dropped 40 points against the Celtics during summer league on 55% shooting making this performance the 5th highest points scored in a summer league game ever. Let’s see if he gets put into rotation this season. On another note Ayton, Bamba, and Sexton all had better games than Trae Young.

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I love the boy since he is from my country but he needs size and strenght tbh. Hope Cedi goes to Lakers also :grimacing:

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Yea I saw that. Pretty impressive. But let’s wait for the real games. I can’t say how much nba busts made a very good summer league

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I like Cedi and see a lot in him. Second coming of Petrovic. Okay, not even close, but still I like his potential.

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He actually deserved more time in the playoffs :frowning:


Yes but LeBron wasn’t a fan

I like cedi also he’s like a bigger dellabova

Good defender, hustle player, has potential to grow

But benched for a Max contract 45 year old veteran
I yelled at the TV a lot, and things the cavs didn’t make sense, I want to see if lue can coach without LeBrons hand in his ass like a puppet, no bench rotation no chance for anyone to grow

I hope they keep him and hood and cedi end up being a good combo

I mean Anthony Morrow scored 47 in a summer league game let’s not get carried away yet.

Anthony morrow was a pretty decent role player for a stretch. Idk what happened to him tho. He could really shoot. This guy might get some minutes and I wouldn’t be surprised if he produced. Not saying he’s the next KD or anything lol

Thank you Dame, for the amazing last sec defense :cold_face: (great screen by Horford & a nice play tbh, hard to beat that one). https://streamable.com/opb88

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Great screen by Horford to get him open. The ability to succeed even without Embiid is what’s going to take them to the next level this year.


Al Horford is the King of the “little things.”

Moments like this are exactly why I knew you guys would love Horford in Philly.

Humble, heady player with a great fundamental skill set who is ALWAYS willing and able to do what the team needs.

In Atlanta he was always labeled as being too big for the 4 and too small for the 5… but he was always in the right spot.

Happy to see you guys are feeling his impact right away.

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Furkan Goatmaz :grin:
34 against Memphis & 31 against Bulls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This didn’t age well :sweat_smile:


Lol Well I didn’t say Trae was a bum or anything. Those players just had better games that night.

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On another note… I didn’t know I created this thread.

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