750 tokens again , take Wilt or wait?

Finally I can grab another player of the GO rewards ,
My first was worthy , and still my favorite player in the game … now I will pick Wilt but should I wait ?
The card now are way more juiced , the new GO should probably be the last and the better of them all .
2 of the 3 have base 11 , can we expect an base 11 with shooting badges treatment , I don’t know if I will hold Wilt is a god but to be honest this new player mode doesn’t look so beastly .
Opinions ?

Mind just wait dont pick walt no matter what

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I would try your best to wait until they add another Opal card to the market… once they do that it will be a while until they add another.

Imagine if you get Wilt and then they add like your favorite player of all time the next day?

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I’d wait a little while.

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Wait incase it’s like kristaps or someone like that but if it’s any player that isn’t a center get wilt

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wait … i think opal token is coming SOON

based on nothing but my own feelings


I have both and Wilt makes an impact every game for me whereas Worthy can have some cold games. I would get him.

i’m the opposite

worthy is destroying every game whereas wilt can be invisible at times — i don’t run thru wilt but he can go games with 2-3 rebounds in 14 mins

to me worthy is far superior to wilt besides the aspect that the auctionable centers are weak — i think that’ll change SOON

I have Worthy and he the best card for me until now ,
Can score in the post , off the dribble , dunk over everyone , great perimeter defender , acrobat finish’s at the rim , feel like HOF limitless range shooter due the base 11 and glitchy park dribbles

lol imagine someone who locks in Walt Frazier and they drop Porzingis


If I would have to choose between Porzingis and Walt, it is Walt for sure for me :stuck_out_tongue:

And i have the feeling the next one will be the last , due the 3000 tokens reward for collections

I’m waiting to see what they add I have 150 tokens towards the 3rd one for me but no way I’m getting Walt or getting into token grind mode until I see a 4th added

doubtful — they want to entice people like us who are already in the opal market to want to lock anniversary sets

more likely they drop more rewards at a rapid rate imo

Admiral incoming? :eyes:

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i’d love pd admiral or a super juiced pd embiid

Don’t kill me so quick but please try this Javale card before you claim him :joy:

It’s he that good…

Not a speedster like him but something is wrong with this card.

I mean I’m too loaded at that spot to even care about it currently but I wouldn’t mind a wilt type backup to wilt lol