70% Glitch

I’m on current Gen and this is just occurring to me way too much. Ruined my 6-0 draft run, it’s making me quit out of TTO Games and basically it seems like I can’t play anything online. I don’t know if any of y’all going through this but this is actually getting annoying.

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Last night I got stuck at 69% on TT100. I waited 10 mins and eventually dashboarded it. When I went back to the game, I lost 36 points on TTO100. Very very strange.

Its so annoying. Went on a crazy draft run last week, apart from that one “loss” that was due to the 70% glitch. Can’t say that I went 10-0 sadly. Did get my second Glenn tho lol :relieved:

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I lose my last game at 7-2 becus of that lol I waited a whole 1.5hrs last night while I cleaned then gave up lol

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At least on PS4, game has more loading and server issues than I have seen compared to other 2Ks.

Happened to me twice. Stuck at 69% then booted me. Love losing contracts to thst

Keeps happening on pickup challenges

I don’t get how it’s possible for someone to do that, I wish they would get rid this kind of stuff.

I swear 2k has more guys who go out of their way to scam rewards instead of simply learning to get good at the game. Look at OkoDre, he shows videos on how to boost and look for other ways to scam the game. I wouldn’t want a reward I didn’t earn.