6 New Legendary Teams added in 2k20

15 16 Cavs
13 14 Spurs
02 03 Suns
13 14 Clippers
09 10 Blazers
07 08 Wizards


5 are W, the Suns are a major L

Where are the 09’ Lakers ?

Nobody will use these teams

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It can be fun in Blacktops

Cavs better have those black sleeved jerseys


no rights for odom, artest, bynum

Kinda weird the Lakers won back to back in 09 and 10 and neither team is even in the game next year again, while you got these teams that didn’t win shit and had no superstar like Kobe with new teams lol. Do they just add random teams now at this point? I wanna play with Kobe, Gasol, Bynum etc… just sayin

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hmm…not bad but I need 00-01

They don’t have the right for Bosh though the Heat is here

But that’s one player, the 09 Lakers squad would be the bench and Kobe and gasol basically

16 Cavs a W.

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They probably will have Bosh and maybe Artest again

Well GG 2k No MyTeam news still and they could’ve released this yesterday. STOP THE DAMN SUSPENSE !

Its not a suspense, they just dont wanna admit that nothings changed


Farmar, Brown too. Pretty sure almost that entire team isn’t in 2k. Was Fisher even in it this year?

I just don’t understand why 2K doesn’t pay for Charles Barkley’s rights. 1M ! It’s nothing for them ! They could easily get $1M with Barkley cards in MyTeam

Yea. I just want a Kobe that is at least 97 playable in Play Now, Play online and Blacktop

nah they do this every year. but you’d think they would want to release news on the mode that makes the most money and is what most of the bonuses in the preorder revolve around

Why do you guys blame 2k for excluding certain teams? If the can’t get the rights to key players on those teams, it makes no sense to add them. Remember when the classic teams would just have starting 5s then 6 guys whose last name is Jones with a 66 ovr would come off the bench? That’s way worse than just not having the team IMO.

Also, MyTeam is gonna get news because it’s the money maker. At very least they are gonna introduce a new card type to try and generate hype


We blame 2k because they won’t pay to get the rights to those players.

Barkley wants 1 million donated to the retired players association, and they won’t do it. Greedy AF as always.

They don’t get any slack just because they aren’t putting depleted teams in the game.
If they were a company that was worth more than a pile of shit, they’d secure the rights to high profile players.