6’ 1 Offensive threat mixtape

I know it’s not the main mode here , but I hope y all like it !
And I want so much to see more people from here on this mode next year .
Like and subscribe if you enjoy :rofl:
I love more editing than play at this stage , unless I have @Fra44 2k feels death !
Next year give some an opportunity to this mode , you will feel the need to know new people and develop your skillset to play on the MainStage

I thought this was going to be a Wesley mixtape

Nice either way


Ahah he deserves one , he moves like crazy :sweat_smile:

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We’re you playing with the goat Kareem myteam card in some clips? :thinking::thinking:

BTW some of my screens here are absolutely terrible :joy::joy: I was screening the air

good shit bro demon mixtape loved the edits

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Is it possible to be competitive with a small build like that? I struggle with 6 3 guard lol get bodied in the post a lot lol. Baseline cheese too

In park heights are way shorter because builds are balanced, you lose SO MUCH speed for going tall.

Most tall players are absolutely unusable because of how slow they are. Basically the tallest you can go at C and be competitive is 6’10.
6’4/6’5 playsharps are too slow as well for most players to use. So 6’1 is definitely very good.

Also consider that in 3v3 you hide your guard on the opposing lock.

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ion know about that bro all my boys prefer 6’5 and taller with maxed wing span

i have a 6’5 max wingspan (7’3 wingspan) 3pt playmaker he gets 95 speed which is more than enough bro

I know u said u like editing and it shows. Amazing editing job this shit is legit. :+1::muscle: n when ur saucin them dudes n then replay it back in slow mo. Dope asf. Great work bro!!!2

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If we’re talking about a yellow red playlock then I definitely agree with you, but the green pie makes you slower, isn’t it?

Good stuff pedro.

I did not play park this year. For 2k21 maybe I can roll with your squad some time (EU guy here :grinning:). Just tell me what is needed build-wise.


We needed a lock very bad this year! I love playing C but if we found someone else good at it I also have and like being a lock

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i have green , yellow pie for my 3pt playmaker

i got 2 builds in the making both demon both max wing look out for them in boutta week ima stream boot camp this saturday

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Probably a lot of them were on our beginning :rofl:

I’m in love with edit , takes some time to learn but I like the result

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You can , it’s all about playstyle
And lineup ! I like way more 3s I barely guard ball and I feel confident to play defense against 90-% of the opposition .
I ve started with a 6 4 , and my 6 1 is so much faster and the jumper is faster too .
My mindset is to shoot a 3 everytime on offense , a lot of comp guards have 6 2 and below !
But 2s players need another kind of build for sure to play competitive 2s

Yeee let’s do a squad , we need some
Players to play constantly ( me and @Fra44) we waiting on people here

Thanks man , I’m in love with this process of learning some editing ! I really appreciate

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My mindset is to shoot 3s everytime on a comp game , so I need max speed and the faster jumper
Possible .6 5 playshots are way slower but they work better on comp 2s for sure and for iso .
This build is built for shooting 3s against pure locks etc with max speed ,
And I’m so confident to stick with 90% of park players with my defense even with this midget ahah , I need some communication with my C a fast one that can bait and run fast to help

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