5th PD Harden inbound

Crazy comeback 58 points… who’s excited for the 5th water down harden card?

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That’s enough to form into GO Harden with battle action step back and free throw blast.

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As long as the HC Market will crash. I’m good with that.


8-18 from 3, it’ll prob go down

Bruuuh , I lost count of how many times you said this in each thread about moments lol.


Hhahaha I really want it to happy about 5x :smile:

I can’t find a single moments thread , without Jennie looking at me asking for the HC crash to happen.

Maybe the universe will conspire to make it happen :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! Jennie is Beautiful and Cute :heart_eyes:

hes gonna get mid 80s and thats good enough with a coach boost.

will be hilarious if he will get another PD card.

Just add anniversary opal harden base 11 in anniversary bron pack. That be fire