538: RAPTOR - Top Players


Damn they have CJ 2nd in total, and 3rd in WAR.

So Jokic is the most impactful player in the league by a wide margin. Tell me something I don’t know


Mpj is overrated


I definitely don’t know that

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Jokic MVP. Just tell the rest of his team to help him win games lol…


4-1 in their last 5 and the one loss coming in OT. They’re coming around lol conference finals hangover

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Jokic needs a ring ngl, dunno if he’ll get it in Denver, but I wanna see that man with a trophy

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Spoiler: he will. He’s got a Dirk type of run waiting to come out


Looking forward to Luka vs Jokic WCF

Lu Dort 53 :muscle:

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Actually something surprising I found in here; James harden has been positive in defensive raptor for 17-18 through 19-20, but has fell off a cliff in 20-21.

You spelled LeBron wrong lol

Phx lac is more likely

Let me just remind you all that the season is still young. Jokic probably won’t remain that far ahead and McCollum definitely falls off from that top spot. Other than that, seems a pretty good indicator of a player’s value and their level of play.

In the future lol

One free W

You real salty about that 6er game for some reason lol Nuggets had to do it last year in Utah with 7 guys on a back to back and won

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Gsw end up last game with 30 assists , we can see Steph finger on all of that .
CJ performances just confirm what we all know and some people refuse to believe !
Dame was never “ alone “

Yes iam :sweat_smile:it’s bad for the transparency of the league , I’m still rooting for Jokic to be an MVP