500 cards, how much MT to 1250?

Only been ripping a shitload of packs like a dumbass, haven’t tried to do any collections or challenges yet. If I start going for all the cheap cards, about how much would it take to get to AK?

Depends on what you have now id say probably around 300-400k

I’m at 760 how much to 1000

Should I sell my team and buy back?

Nah I’d work it over time

Oof I’m at 760 with all time dom and most of jerseys bought besides city what should I do next

If I buy 200 players at 1k and below you think that’s possible

You should be able to get to 1000 cards without buying too many players.
I’m at 975 rn w 0 heat checks, barely any Historics and a handful of currents

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Getting to 1000 Cards and 1250 cards is definitely worth selling your team for. 250 tokens free and Andrei Kirilenko who is a top 10 card.

What are you buying?

I could sell giannis to get AK but that’s too much lmao

I’ve just been slowly buying jerseys for under 550
Also don’t forget about the arenas/coaches/playbooks
You can grab almost all arenas for 250 and often during crashes people throw up a stupid amount of playbooks at once for 250


It’s not too much when you factor in that you will be able to sale those cards back after getting AK and rebuy Giannis and play him and AK together plus 250 tokens that you can use to Get other players.

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If you’re going to do it. Start buy buying all of the jerseys logos and arenas that you can under 650

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Try to get as many Current for as cheap as possible via bid. Wait for a crash if you can and you can get them and Heat Checks for cheap via bids.

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Yeah I always forget about the bids
Next moment drop I’ll have to camp on the heat checks

Also make sure to chase after Moments same way. You got helped out tremendously by them crashing with recent Super Pack.

Yeah I picked up a ton of moments during the recent crash
I normally just sit on the jersey sniping because I end up making more than I spend while slowly creeping my collector level up
It’s a pretty consistent MT making method aswell as people consistently toss up high end jerseys for dirt cheap.

I’m sure it is. It’s a good niche. I thought about occupying it but I despise all the slow scrolling.

Yeah you are right it can be very tedious
I just enjoy having a constant flow without much competition, so I will sacrifice extra time to keep my sanity of missing a snipe by 0.0001 second