5 out lives on 2k19

Remos the option but us cheeser figure it out… way

Smfh. I’m not surprised tho. People already found a badge glitch

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Are there position restrictions in myteam? On god if there isnt im not even gonna waste my time. Anyone interested in buying 50k mt in a few days?

5 out is an actual play, the question is… Will it be as easy to abuse

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Smfh hopefully this improved defense prevails

Pretty positive there’s no lineup restrictions sadly. And how much would you charge for the 50K if you’re on xb1

If no position restrictions yes. Lebron or KD on a PG in 5out will always be easy to abuse


No zigzag
Defense is noticeably better.
Postplay seems rewarding.
We don’t know online mode difficulty yet.

Nothing to worry. They also patched that glicth surprisingly fast.
4 out 1in is more OP with the right guy as that 1 there.

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If there are no position restrictions does that mean you won’t buy 2K19 and will leave this forum for good?


Defense could be as good as possible. When theres no position restrictions pretty much any traditional pg can be bullied every time down the court. Lebron at the 1 and KD at the 2 is unstoppable versus a normal backcourt. Nowhere to hide a PG or even a SG in many cases. Unless youre running an all oop lineup youre gonna be in trouble.

What was that play in 2k17 where people ran giannis at the one and post up and just push to the rim? Im hoping this doesnt happen with the revamped post moves

Thats another thing. Whats stopping anybody from running 5out and just posting up lebron/kd/giannis on a guard. Post play is better right? Position restrictions are a must have. Regardless if gameplay is good or not games will quickly become similar to this year.

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Even with westbrook at the one with position restrictions, i know there wont be blow bys but speed bost with his frame would be just as op. I can hold most sf at the 1 with a pg so that little help in defense makes a big difference to me

Yeah you should really just switch over to Live since 2K19 is gonna be so trash.

But then you can hide your pg. See? Then put the sg on russ. One player oop is stoppable but you know how this will go. People are gonna be running sf everywhere making pretty much any guard a huge liablilty

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I think at this stage of gaming and where we are with technology, A.I cant outdo humans way of thinking, especially in sports games. In the future maybe if they have A.I that learns as people play, but untill then, the community will always find a way around it

Especially with getting sapphire lebron and giannis at launch. I guess we just got to have fun woth the game and take away the idea of being competative. The last month playing supermax was the most fun i had all year where people tried duos. But im hoping playing in position goves boost and decreases for out of position. Lets just see i guess

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5 out was never the problem. The problem was blow by so I’m not worried at all. Running a free flow 5 out with motion cuts is actually hella fun and not cheesy. I’m hoping it’s an option.


Maybe everyone won’t have 86 bc this year and passing abilities of true pgs. Lebron been in the league how many years? SFs at pg only became an issue in recent 2Ks. If they nerf the playmaking stats then maybe it wouldn’t be a problem.