5 out in unlimited

Since that’s all most of my opponents do, can someone DM me what freelance/play it is. I’m assuming it’s Hawks freelance, pass and screen away

Just got murdered by a guy running DRose and glitched Stockton. Anyone time I stopped the PG, KAT, Porzingis or Diaw hit a 3

Correct assumption.

This game will never be good again, in my opinion, until they completely remove all aspects of anything to do with 5 out.


Just leave it at that


Or at least make it feasible to stop, which isn’t possible with bigs who can stroke.


Yeah, it’d be much different if they gave us the proper tools to combat it, or at least give the AI a single shred of intelligence.

But we all know they’ll never do that, so just remove it.


I’m ok with it because it’s a viable strategy in real basketball, but blowbys need to be turned down. No PG blows by their man and dunks endlessly in a game




Agree and disagree.
Spacing is probably the key to nba offense right now and teams definitely run 5 out spacing sets. But I’ve yet to see a team come down and have a ball handler try to beat a defender at the top of the key for 24 seconds the whole game.

I have no problem if people run 5 out plays against me the whole game but playing against Hawks freelance pass and screen away people for a whole game is nauseating. Just my opinion


that’s what I was agreeing with.

5 out definitely happens IRL, but the PG blowing by his opponent for dunks all game doesn’t happen

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The bucks 5 out in real life idk how this a problem just fix your defense settings

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does it result in Giannis having 22 dunks in a game? Or is his man able to stop him from time to time getting to the net?

Is he able to get to the net in a straight line because he’s dribbling quickly?

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The way I beat 5 out opponents is all defensive settings and playing on-ball to avoid the help defense coming over. If he’s just gonna let his SG/SF sit on the wings, I’m not gonna waste my best defender guarding that. I put PG13 on on the PG and just try to lock up. I know I can’t always get a stop, maybe not even 50% of the time. Sometimes you just gotta give up the 2 and get it back on the other end. It’s going to even out eventually as long as I keep the game close because I’m going to get stops and my offense is way more dynamic and consistent.

Spacing is already piss poor in this game. Its also clunky and I dont like my players on top of each other. Good spacing is everything in the NBA right now.


You need to work on that triangle

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You shouldn’t criticize how a person plays on a video game the game made a way to stop them in defensive settings although the game is pretty ass sometimes this happens in real life too

wasn’t criticising how the person plays, just that a lousy game allows for it to happen

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I also know how to do it, see post 1, but choose not to do it repeatedly. I can’t believe someone would want to do 40 possessions in a row, but whatever

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Here’s my thing. If it’s so effective, why don’t more teams do it in the NBA?

Probably a few reasons, but if it’s A) most teams don’t have enough shooters to make it worth while or B) defenses are better in real life and can stop it easily then I think 2K should start there.

It’s very effective and teams don’t really stop it easily in real life. 3 of the most prolific offenses in the league are built to run a system that’s based around at least some 5-out. Bucks, Rockets, and to a lesser degree the Mavs.

The teams that beat them in the playoffs (Miami, LA, LAC) were all top defensive teams with great defensive schemes and that’s what it takes to beat it in 2K as well. Great defenders and defensive settings.