5 out freelance?

somebody knows a 5 out freelance that still works?

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You back on my team?

Run fist delay 2 in lakers book

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but I’m on 0% grind, I only play MTU



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Pace has good iso spacing and believe it or not if you run a lot of PnR/PnF Flow is OP. The base actions get a lot of open 3s and when you run a PnR/PnF the other inside big goes to the corner giving a 5 out look. It always keeps the opponent guessing.


For whatever reason yesterday playing blake challenges I went to 5 out series and my guys were. Actually in a 5 out formation with the center at the top of the key… not the same spacing as the play calling one but it la something

Who has a 5 out look in Trail blazers Playbook?


Hawks freelance still give good spacing last time I played

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Denver 2018, just hit ‘pass and screen away’, boom 5 out


I thought 5 out should look more like this

It got patched after Sam Pham made his video, unfortunately

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Pretty funny how Denver 2018 freelance was still 5 out on PC even after the freelances all got patched until that Sam Pham video… then they patched all of them except maybe Hawks + pass and screen away in one day
But they can’t even patch something as simple as transferring our coach settings into MTU games so we don’t need to turn off ACE every single time, shit is crazy


What’s the 2nd one?

Looks like fist 64 down 5out or whatever it’s called.

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That Denver freelance is just 4 out now with the center standing at the free throw line.

And when you hit pass and screen away it turns into 3 out.

Yeah if anyone’s got a solution that doesn’t require a set play I’d love to hear it.

I hate using the Bucks playbook just for 5 out spacing since the actual plays in it are mediocre.

Doesn’t the Bucks playbook have everyone stand super far behind the 3 point line? Or was that only the freelance?

The bucks, timberwolves, Jazz, and nuggets playbooks are filled with 5 out plays.

Nuggets 5out video: https://youtu.be/fTaanLr65pc

Twolves 5out playbook video: https://youtu.be/YkDQde28nHw

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I’m not looking for plays though (I already know of a few) I’m just looking for a freelance or a non-playbook action that can produce 5 out spacing.

I have a few playbooks I like to run actual plays from and hate wasting that playbook slot on a playbook I don’t really like just to get good 5 out spacing.

I don’t think there is. I think they did this on purpose. If you wanna run 5 out you gotta run a book and run a play with the spacing. What book do you use. ?