5 out defense tips

How do you guys guard this BS?

Stay in front of your man no help stay on shooters

Hands up and on ball , play tight or just offball but it isn’t really hard to guard this year

Onball or offball that cheesy behind the back gets them to the hoop everytime

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Learn to anticipate it. Guard to the off hand side of your man so that if they use a move that gives them a speed boost you’re already there. The majority of 2k players don’t have brains that allow them to adjust their plan and will try it anyway even though you’re in defensive position. And if you play someone smart enough to drive the direction of the hand with ball in it they don’t get any speed boost and you can push into them stopping the blow by

PD Giannis

But seriously I just put my strap d or player model that fits the guy they are calling the 5 out play for. You can on or offball. It snuffs it out

Use tall long armed dudes and switch everything

you have to pressure the ball handler before he gets to half court. If you give giannis a running start its a gg for you