5 Bronze Player Works (Sort of) (EXPERIMENTAL)

Hi guys I experimented 5 bronze players starters.

My Coach is Alvin Gentry to Avoid any Playbook Glitch.




I won all of them only having a hard time at the Last Game Since I Focused Solely on Klay and CP3 to defend 3points.

So Far This works @Muglegacy2 is Right! :innocent:

Small Sample Size But Not Bad for a Start.

I might try this. I keep going 6-0 and run into some super duper try hard.


Thanks man 3-0 today I will continue playing tomorrow! Tell me your match up results.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but @Muglegacy2 does this so weak squads don’t quit on the loading screen when they see his lineup. So by saying that it works, do you mean that they didn’t quit? Otherwise I can see it clearly doesn’t work in terms of matching with similar overalls :slight_smile:


The more people that do this, the less effective it would be. You run into the worst cheese imaginable.

Better to just use your best squad, seriously.


Yes bro they didnt quit two of the squads quit in the first quarter after a bad start in the game.

Yes bro. This was just experimental I would go back to my 10 man rotation when I lose.

And Timeouts and Minutes Management is a Hassle.

Maybe I should put bruiser on all 13 guys and hope to run against a bronze starting 5. Make them need Gatorade by half time

That’s what I do. You can’t really tell who’s doing the glitch and who isn’t and you’re always better off with your best players.

Yes I prefer a 10-13 man rotation. Just like in the 3rd Game I faced a GodSquad. Theres no telling who would you face.

Just use your damn best squad. There’s no need to cheese or hide your best players off the bench.

Just play and if you lose, get up and play again

If I can do it, you can


Thanks man!! I’ll do that.

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I have ran into some serious cheese masters that do this. So beware. I mean just think…if Mug is doing it, who else is?

I run into a 63 overall while I was using my Main Squad. Hahaha some people are doing it. However if you have a Godsquad against a 50-60 overall you could easily demolish them.

You’d be surprised. I had a guy running Giannis at PG with 5 out and euro dunks. No stopping that trash.

Go zone and he has Hedo, Klay, and Granger.

5-out Giannis is another Cheese lol

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Just make Giannis guard him and it’ll be good

Always nice to see guys sharing/ experimenting with different ideas! But if you are gonna hide the id next time you may want to consider hiding your opponents too.

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The amount of effort u guys put into cheesing is priceless…


Thanks man Will do it next time.