49ers Are L̶e̶g̶i̶t̶ The Best Team in the NFC

That is all


Die hard represent

I’d be the last to say it but we on that quest :heart::yellow_heart:

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I wish my Cowboys could say the same.

Different coach different season
Its so painful tho

That money Madden play

Title change was in order

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We have some righteous tests with the next 2 games.

Big boy games and big boy QBs will see ghost

Niners deserving of primetime platform

What a ride so far

Brick by Brick

We just need the Saints to face the Pats in the SB already. Pretenders like the 49ers & Rams last year & the Falcons 2 years before need to spare us the embarrassment of making Brady’s inflated legacy even more.

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I agree. Brees>ARod/Russell W>Big Ben

Brees Brady would be epic