406k enough for durant on xbox?

waiting for a durant to pop on the market. wondering if 406k is enough ! if anyone has any durants on xbox you should put him up :p. ive been saving for SOOOOOO LONG haha

i dont think so

got mine for 500 yesterday so I doubt it

I’ve been sitting on 460k forever now and haven’t even gotten close. So I don’t think he’ll drop that low


omg so annoying lol. hes so expensive. especially now since you cant pull him. i have a 95 lebron with red kyries that i could sell to push me to at least 506k. tough loss. but i play kobe at the 3. sooo durant would be my started and 97 kobe on the bench. so lebron becomes irrelevant. although him with red kyries are Nasty. its a tough choice…

I mean if you’re willing to spend that much and really want the card then go get that Durant over LeBron. But new promos come out soon and who knows what players will be in there.

If the new promo comes out and there isn’t anyone worth getting then go get Durant

true however at least i can invest in durant and sell him later. he will always have value. although 500k is a lot. thinking he will drop MAYBE during new packs. i WAS trying to get dirk and collect western historics. but gave up halfway. now going all out on durant. feel like im too far to turn around and not buy durant. and having 406k sitting around is getting me stir crazy lol

Hopefully today or tomorrow we will get the preview for the new packs but who knows with 2k. At least you will know before hand if it’s worth saving the MT or not. And honestly the Dr.J and Dirk is outdated at this point. Who knows maybe we get another dirk down the line that is pullable.

a big part of my decision was the fact if i collect for dirk i cant sell that mt back AND dirk cant dunk lol. sooo made my decision pretty easy once i realized it. only real card im waiting for now is a diamond kyle lowry. but he wont be that much mt. cant see his diamond card being over 100k. he will drop quick too. im kicking myself though for not just going for durant right away. i think i could have gotten him cheaper if i bought him sooner