400 / 2900

400 / 2900

I finally hit 400 cards. Slowly was building up MT and decided that I could just make the MT back if I had a steady supply of MT coming in, so there was no reason to hold onto it.

Only 18/99 stars into Regular Domination, so plenty of cards for me to head towards in that direction. Currently trying for 12-0 Amare, but I’ve been struggling so far so hasn’t been going according to plan so far.

Slowly making my way, but should gain some more traction after I complete my 12-0 run and head towards Domination / offline content.

How’s the collection grind coming along for everyone else?

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I’m about 230 cards short of eddie jones now


is this the common pace or do people have a lot more?

I literally just started doing this 2 days ago, something I never tho I would do, I’m almost done with all time dom, I’m at 502 cards, I only have 33 stars in historic and regular, once I get Kemp, I’ll go back and do historic and regular

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Some people got antwan alrdy

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Sheesh! Good work

I’m way behind. Took a lot of time grinding out Doug West / Cliff Hagan and this 12-0 for Amare is being a pain.

Yeah those cards from Domination really add up… It’s crazy how many they give you.

I have been looking for this thread from you . Haven’t bought the game , but looking forward to see you achieve those milestones :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! You getting the game this year?

O I didn’t get those from dom, I just was buying cards under 1,200 mt, I started with players, then coaches, then balls, then jerseys, then courts, then playbooks, I didn’t know all that shit counts, I haven’t even really begun to try to complete any collections yet

Everything you listed counts. Usually I don’t lock in sets as I tend to sell off all my stuff after I get the achievement for 2,900 cards.

I got up to 750 to get IT, but I’ve since sold down about 250 cards. I’ll collect again later as cards get cheaper.


I have I think 1745 right now

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Yeah. That’s a smart strategy. All cards will get cheaper as the year goes on.

Dang man. That’s the most I’ve seen thus far.

Nope. Will buy the next gen version

The most cards collected total on xbox is 1548 so…

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Tell that to my nice shiny amethyst octagon and Baller title

Im just saying, you can looks it up on the community tab and thats what it says as the highest total so far.


looks like the high score thing is glitched then lol

I just passed the 200 token collector level and am about 200 cards away from Jamison. There are guys I know that have got Jamison, then the 300 tokens, and are closing in on getting jalen rose. That’s as far as you can get right now. Not enough cards in game to reach jalen rose.