40 hof badge mj

Ends in 4hrs

Hof limitless spot up

Hof blinders

Hof green machine

Hof catch and shoot


Damn man why you selling? Also does this turn MJ into steph curry? He’s my most consistent shooter and i only have hof catch on mine. Always wonder how crazy he is with more.

Right Jordan is my best player. Would love that card lol

I only played some with him but it definitely helps him shoot from further out and more consistently, I’m just trying to stockpile Mt

I assume you will not sell your MJ. But dont worry it is bc there is an AH glitch rn. I just checked I dont see your MJ with 40 Hofs.

Re posted the card if anyone is interested

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Oh I am but prob can’t afford him

What did you get for him?

It’s at 1.3m with 9 minutes left

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What did it sell for I got outbid at 1.3

Sold for 2.1 mill