4 tokens in 2 hours of TT

Great event 2k… :rage:
Never again. Only when there are guaranteed tokens for a win.

Did you lose every game or what

TTOff is a joke of a game mode. Outdated rewards, boring ass gameplay, and a pointless grind. Hope 2k gets rid of the mode next gen.

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Always take TTOnline over the offline. Its not only more rewarding its also more fun

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Just to be the Yang to your Ying, I played a single game and got 20 tokens.

I only lost 1 game. Vault opened just 3 times in 2 hours - one all star pack and 1 token twice (x2).

Trying to understand how

Confirmed 2k employee over here.


Yeah the vault opened once in the 2 hour period. Lucky I got 20 tokens off that one open lmao

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One is boring af, other is pure aids (even though I’m winning 95% of the time). The thing is, if I’d pull 10 tokens let’s say twice that would be 40 tokens and a complete different story. Unfortunately 2k said fuck you, you’re not getting any tokens today.

in the last two hours i got 0 open from TTOFFLINE. Yes ZERO

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It was a x2 event. So if you pull 1 token reward, it’s 2. 2x2=4.

Jesus :man_facepalming:t2: I would never touch this mode again.


I pulled 46 tokens in an hour. I honestly think hitting “A” is a timing thing when you are on the vault screen. I usually wait 5 to 10 seconds after the vault screen pops up and I open the vault 60-75% of the time in TTOffline. I just want Rex Chapman and I can’t get him. Irritating.

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Rex is a beast! I hope you get him.


I made yesterday more than 30 tokens in a hour in TTOnline


It’s a long running joke here bro. :upside_down_face:

I hadn’t played tto offline in a month and got Rex first game lol, 3 games after and got nothing though so back to online

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